It is possible to resolve issues with your vehicles DPF by keeping it clean and reducing costs. If your vehicle is used off-road you may be eligible to remove the DPF altogether.

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Resolve DPF issues with Viezu

Viezu Technologies Ltd, the world leading provider of vehicle tuning services offer a full range of DPF problem solving services.

Legislation aware – DPF Removal

In the UK and across Europe a DPF filter must be fitted to your vehicle if you are using it on a public highway.  PLEASE BE AWARE! It is your responsibility to verify any legislation where you based are before you remove or carry out any work that will affect the performance of a DPF filter.

Off-road vehicles only

To complement its significant range of diesel tuning for performance, fuel economy and C02 reduction Viezu also offer a notable series of DPF, FAP and O2 tuning services.  Why?  Because there are some genuine and legitimate reasons for DPF deletion and this will almost always be for off road use; i.e. motorsport, none-highway vehicles, or international customers not subject to UK or EU legislation.  We will not provide DPF tuning where a vehicle is clearly being used on the road in the UK or EU.

A DPF (Diesel particulate filter) or FAP (Filtre A Particules) is a device designed to remove diesel particles or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. It basically traps the diesel particles in the filter and at a given condition the vehicles ECU will carry out a “regeneration” cycle when these particles are burnt and blown out of the exhaust.

Whilst in theory the DPF system is a great idea, unfortunately the DPF system often gets blocked and this causes vehicle running problems.  Its often the low mileage drivers who get hit the hardest as the DPF system does not get a chance to regenerate.

With our extensive network of over 600 Approved Dealers worldwide

Viezu is excellently placed to help with any issues your are having with your vehicles DPF system. Here is just a sample of the vehicles where Diesel Particulate Filters or tdi dpf’s can be remapped. Vehicle Look up.

Alfa Romeo DPF delete for = EDC16 – EDC17
Audi DPF delete for = EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD Audi dpf
BMW DPF delete for = EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Chevvy/Chevrolet DPF delete for = EDC16 – EDC17 dpt
Citroen DPF delete for = EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x dpf
Fiat EDC16 – EDC17 – Marelli MJD
Ford EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID Ford tdi dpf
Honda EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
Hyundai EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Jaguar EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
Kia EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Lancia EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Mazda EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
Mercedes EDC16 – EDC17
Mini EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Nissan EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x
Opel DPF EDC16 – EDC17 – Marelli MJD
Peugeot EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x
Renault EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x
SAAB EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Seat EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD
Skoda EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD
Suzuki EDC16 tdi dpf
VAG EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD
Volvo EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
VW EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD (VW dpf)

If you would like further information on Diesel Particulate Filer (or DPF) Tuning Servicea or other Viezu services please call us on 01789 774444 or send an email to