Nov 12, 2010

DPF Problems in the USA

Last week the DPF Fix technical guys and Viezu exhibited at the Las Vegas SEMA show. DPF issues are becoming just as serious in the USA as they are in Europe, the US markets embrace Diesel. The SEMA show is most likely the greatest car show on earth.

The SEMA show in the USA attracts visitors from all over the world, and time and time again the first thing people ask once they know we tune Diesel vehicles is can you remove problem DPF systems, DPF delete and DPF removal was high on the list of customer and dealer questions. The good news is that in almost all cases Viezu can tune out the DPF issues, removing the DPF cycle and leaving trouble free motoring

Photo album: Las Vegas SEMA Show Photos

Youtube Video: Las Vegas SEMA Show Video

The next international show we will be at is the PRI trade show. We will then be visiting and exhibiting at the UK’s international Autosport show at the NEC in January

If you are attending either event please let us know so we can meet you and discuss how we can help with DPF tuning, removal and deletion, as well car ecu remapping and car tuning services support and grow your vehicle tuning

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge in tuning and remapping then the Academy is the place to be. Learn more at remap101.

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