Jul 1, 2012

GTI international, VW and Audi tuning show and ecu remapping

The Viezu girls and guys had a great couple of days this weekend at the 25th GTi international show. The GTI international is the largest event for VW group vehicles in the UK. The event allows professionals and also the public alike to take part in track races. People can also bring their cars to the event to show off their new modifications, customizations or just their car itself. Clubs can put on displays for their groups to gain interest, also be a meeting point for their members. If you are looking to have a memorable time, camping on site is also provided, the site will include shower and toilet facilities.

The Viezu team were on hand to assist with Audi and VW tuning and ecu remapping  questions. Viezu were actually writing files live on site, covering the new Tricore anti tune ECUS and the classic VW Chip change tuning. We were also offering custom live tuning demonstrations.

The Viezu team are experienced tuners, covering all vehicles and all methods of tuning, DPF removal, economy and performance tuning. If you are looking for tuning and ecu remapping, Viezu have over 120 uk tuning dealers, and over 600 globally. Dealers are always ready to assist customers with tuning, performance parts and upgrades. Remember that if you need any help or advice with your tuning, please drop us a mail, we will be happy to assist. If you are looking for a tuning dealer, you can find the dealer list here: Dealer List.

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