Jan 26, 2017

DPF and the dangers to the exhaust and your wallet

Located in your exhaust, you will find a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). The DPF is not known by many drivers and it can be very expensive to replace if not maintained properly. However If the DPF is not cared for properly it can become blocked by soot, which is a by-product produced by the diesel.

The heat which is produced is supposed to burn the soot, so it can then be released from the exhaust. Although for many drivers who do not drive at a fast enough speed or have a long enough journey, their exhausts cannot gain enough heat for the soot to be released. You can tell when the DPF is becoming blocked by a warning light appearing on your dashboard, if you are to continue driving without heating the exhaust enough to dispel the blockage then the car will come to a halt.

DPF warning light

DPF warning light

In order to prevent a very expensive trip to the garage for a brand new DPF, contact DPF Fix. We can help solve any DPF issues or enquiries you may have. Removing a DPF results in a MOT failure (since Feb 2014). If you are planning on only using the vehicle for off road use such as motorsport, non-highway vehicles, or international customers not subject to UK or EU legislation then you may have a chance of removing your DPF. The reason people remove the DPF is simply to dodge the massive bill which a clogged DPF can generate. Although it may be saving money it isn’t saving the environment.

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