Jan 27, 2017

BMW M2 Tuning

The BMW M2 tuning and performance upgrade packages and parts from Viezu Technologies are the finest available.

The stock vehicle runs at an astonishing 365hp from its 3.0L twin turbo engine. This particular model had a full Acrapovic exhaust system and Cold Air Induction kit fitted. The ECU tuning on the M2 F-series BMW is fairly simple to do when using the KTAG tricore bench tuning system with GPT cable. First the ecu was connected on the bench with the GPT cable and with various pin outs secured. The ECU was next read in full, then retested on the car to make sure everything was working as intended.

BMW KTag ECU viezu remap

BMW KTag ECU viezu remap

Viezu Technologies then began the process of analysing the OEM factory calibration to locate and optimise the necessary fuelling, spark angle, knock control, desired boost and torque limitations maps, etc within the ECU read file. This process happens within the WinOls software program. When the uprated calibrations have been completed and finalised, they are then written back into the ECU via KTAG, the ECU is re-sealed and finally installed back on the car.

BMW M2 engine tuning and performance remapping from Viezu technologies

BMW M2 engine tuning and performance remapping from Viezu technologies

With a few more miles on the clock and some adaption on the road this car will deliver up to 50hp and 90nm of torque over stock. Performance exhaust systems and induction kits from Viezu always help the car run smoother and stronger. This helps the car be healthier by it breathing more efficiently during its journeys.

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