Many drivers had good intentions, especially to save some money in the long-term when they removed their DPF.

Chances are when the DPF was removed, you were making frequent short journeys, you feared the engine would be damaged by the DPF clogging up, and the threat of overly expensive repairs caused by this gave you one of those headaches.

It appeared nothing was easier and more cost effective than removing it, however according to the new regulations, that was a big mistake!

Rejoin the Green Side

Reinstating the DPF is better for the environment, and if you are worried about all the reasons you took it out, you needn’t be! Over the past decade technology has advanced and with regular cleaning DPFs aren’t as prone to clogging as they were when they were introduced, depending on your vehicle.

You could go even more green with our BlueOptimize Economy Remap, and significantly reduce your CO2 emissions, and save money on fuel too!

New MOT Rules

Following new regulations introduced in 2014 and the MOT test changing in 2018, driving on public roads without a DPF could land you in a whole world of trouble. There are big consequences too including a potentially hefty £1,000 fine! Not to mention the cost of reinstating the DPF and potentially being caught for the offence of driving without valid insurance!

This rule change has caught out many drivers, who are now, like you, looking for someone to help keep their car on the road and reinstate their DPF, for a reasonable cost.

If you need more of an incentive to reinstate your DPF, the value of your vehicle may be maintained, and it will be closing the door to a buyer haggling the cost of your vehicle down while you are selling your vehicle due to the potential cost of reinstating your DPF.

DPF Reinstatement Cost

Reinstating a DPF can be a 3-hour job, and can be costly. We can reinstate your DPF to conform with the new rules over DPFs, while remaining competitively priced compared to main dealer costs! We can fit a new DPF, temperature sensor, and revise your diesel vehicles software.

Want to Save Money On The Cost of Fuel Too?

Go one step further and start saving significant money on fuel and general vehicle running costs too with our unique BlueOptimize Economy Remap as part of your DPF installation.

Depending on your car, its use, load and its driver, you could receive fuel economy gains of up to 20%, couple this with fluctuating fuel prices and you could be looking at mega-savings at the fuel pumps!

BlueOptimize can also enhance the feel, drivability, and overall performance of your vehicle. These additional benefits of BlueOptimize Economy Tuning include, a reduced CO2 count for some vehicles, improved torque, power, and throttle response, and not to mention some insurance companies also offer discounts for customers who have installed our economy map. The savings are massive!

Blue Optimize Economy Tuning

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