Viezu Head Office and Technical Centre in Warwickshire UK


Leading DPF problem solving

Viezu Technologies Ltd is at the leading edge of vehicle tuning. ViezunVehicle Tuning Services have been developed over 20 years of hands on experience at the cutting edge of engine tuning and remapping.

Custom vehicle tuning software upgrades developed on real vehicles using the latest test and measurment equipments; a 3000bhp Mustang Dynamometer, where dynamometer and emissions readings are accurately measured to verify project success.

On the road testing is an important part of what we do and testing in real life conditions for many hundreds of miles forms part of the process – nothing is left to chance.

The Viezu product range is second to none and this same approach and dedication is now offered in DPF Tuning Services. 

Choose Viezu with confidence

A multi-award winning Company – Winners of The Queens Award for Enterprise VIEZU WINS QUEENS AWARD

An ISO 9001 Registered Organisation with the British Standards Institute.

We even offer a lifetime product guarantee for tuning maps and two years warranty on our V-Switch Home Tuning System.

If you would like further information on Diesel Particulate Filer Tuning Services or other Viezu services please call us on 01789 774444 or send an email to