It is possible to resolve issues with your vehicles DPF by keeping it clean and reducing costs. If your vehicle is used off-road you may be eligible to remove the DPF altogether.

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Resolve DPF issues with Viezu

Viezu Technologies Ltd, one of the world’s leading provider of vehicle tuning services offer a full range of DPF problem solving services.

DPF systems can be quite problematic especially for drivers who only carry reasonably limited mileage in their Diesel cars.

A DPF (Diesel particulate filter) or FAP (Filter A Particles) is a device designed to remove diesel particles or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. It basically traps the diesel particles in the filter and at a given condition the vehicles ECU will carry out a “regeneration” cycle when these particles are burnt and blown out of the exhaust.

Whilst in theory the DPF system is a great idea, unfortunately the DPF system often gets blocked and this causes vehicle running problems.  It is often the low mileage drivers who get hit the hardest as the DPF system does not get a chance to regenerate.

With our extensive network of over 600 Approved Dealers worldwide

Viezu can help with a range of DPF services, these include:

  • DPF removal, deactivation of the system and removal of the diesel particulate filter element
  • DPF Cleaning and servicing, system cleaning and restoration
  • DPF refitting, re-installation of previously removed DPF system

DPF Removal 

Viezu can arrange the complete removal of your DPF system, installing new software to ensure your engine run correctly without the DPF system fitted, fault codes can be permanently deleted, so ensure continuous system running without the issues a DPF system can cause

Legislation aware – DPF Removal

There are many situations where DPF removal can be justified and is perfectly legal, for example, motorsport application, off road use, and international use, However in the UK and across Europe a DPF filter must be fitted to your vehicle if you are using it on a public highway.  PLEASE BE AWARE! It is your responsibility to verify any legislation where you based are before you remove or carry out any work that will affect the performance of a DPF filter.

Viezu support many hundreds of tuner and automotive garages around the world, and there are many countries that have different legislation, and it is both common and legal to remove the DPD system. If you are unsure, please do check with your local Viezu dealer or government transport department.

Off-road vehicles only

To complement its significant range of diesel tuning for performance, fuel economy and C02 reduction Viezu also offer a notable series of DPF, FAP and O2 tuning services.  Why?  Because there are some genuine and legitimate reasons for DPF deletion and this will almost always be for off road use; i.e. motorsport, none-highway vehicles, or international customers not subject to UK or EU legislation.  We will not provide DPF tuning where a vehicle is clearly being used on the road in the UK or EU.

DPF Cleaning and Servicing 

If you are operating your vehicle in the UK or EU, or any other region where removal is not possible, cleaning is the best solution to most DPF issues and blockages.

Viezu and many of our dealers operate the very best in DPF cleaning and services equipment. BUT, very importantly, first we will undertake specialist diagnostic work to try and determine the true cause of your DPF issue. Many immediately embark on cleaning a blocked or problematic filter without truly understanding the root cause of the issue. Viezu can help.

The DPF cleaning process will take around 4 hours to complete, we will carry out a deep and extensive clean of the filter element, that will clean out DPF and remove blockages, improving your vehicles emissions and boost performance too. If the clean does not work, we can remove the filter and send it to be baked in a specialist over for 24hrs, it is rare that this step is needed, but if it is the case that your filter cannot be cleaned on the car, we still have this option that can be used to clean the filter rather than replace it – which is what most facilities will offer if on the vehicle cleaning does not work.

DPF Refitting

In the past removing a DPF system was the easy option to addressing warning lights and blocked DPF’s, Removing DPF systems was incredibly common, with many well respected garages and mechanics routinely undertaking the work.

However, in 2014 the law regarding DPF removal changed in the UK, and tougher yearly inspections were incorporated, vehicles were inspected to ensure the filter was still fitted, public attitude and understanding of the DPF function has changed, and removal is no longer seen as acceptable for road going vehicles. In April 2017 the regulations are tightened further to include a physical check of the system, not just a visual check.

The change in the regulations has meant many motorists have found out that there car no longer passes the yearly fitness inspection and very costly repairs are needed. In some cases the DPF system may have been removed by a previous owner, and the new owner has no idea their vehicles has been modified.

Once again, Viezu can help, with access to hundreds of low cost, high quality replacement DPF parts, we can arrange to refit the missing parts, reinstall the DPD software, clean and service the full system ready for legal road going use.

Viezu is excellently placed to help with any issues you are having with your vehicles DPF system. Here is just a sample of the vehicles where Diesel Particulate Filters or tdi dpf’s can be remapped. Vehicle Look up.

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